Friday, October 16, 2009

I Remembered!!!

So, I remembered that I started a blog!! Whoo to the Hoo!!! I think that I'm really gonna like this blogging!!!
I thought maybe for today I would post a list of 25 things that you may or may not know about me. I can't be on here long, I must nap while Andrew naps today!! I have to re-energize, physically and mentally, so that I can take care of the babies at work tonight!! So, on with the list.....

1. I love being a mom. I would love, even more, to be a stay-at-home mom! I know the desire is from God, so I must wait patiently for it to happen!!
2. HATE TO COOK! I cannot emphasize this enough! But, probably need to learn a little more about cooking, especially if I'm gonna be a SAH mom! :)
3. I am NOT a morning person. So, if we chat before 10AM and I can't seem to remember it later, don't get mad. I am just NOT a morning person! Just ask Brad!
4. I am NOT a phone person!! Period!! No home, cell, or I, phones at all!! Not a fan!!
5. I love me some Alabama Football!! Love, Love, Love
6. I love my church! It is a wonderful place to worship! We're small, but there's a LOT of love that circulates throughout the people there!
7. Sometimes, I screen my phone calls. Refer back to #4.
8. Unfortunately, I try to make things happen for me, instead of waiting on God! Like right now, I am trying my hardest to figure out a way for me to stay at home. All the while God is saying, "Trust Me! I'm in the details!!" I am so much like Sarah! Sarah wanted a baby so bad that she allowed her servant Hagar to be with her husband, basically, in order to speed up the baby process. God had already promised Sarah a baby, but she took matters into her own hands! We must remember, GOD IS IN THE DETAILS!!!
9. Love jewelry!! My Christmas list usually has jewelry listed in at least 3 or 4 different spots. Just in case!!
10. I used to play the clarinet...ish! I'm not sure if you really called what I did, "playing," but I did carry a clarinet and march around the field!
11. I was in the Million Dollar Band!! That's where I met Brad!! Sweet thing!!!
12. I went to Auburn for 3 months, right out of high school!! HATED IT!! (Not sure HATE is a strong enough word, but its all I've got right now). Still to this day, I get a knot in my stomach when we go to Auburn for a game or to visit with family!! So, unfortunately, Tiger fans, I can truly say that "I HATE AUBURN!"
13. I have 2 older brothers!! They're great! I have a wonderful family!! Very blessed!!
14. I love pickles!! I even have a pickle ornament on my Christmas tree every year! My mouth is watering as I type this!!!
15. I told Brad that he had sexy legs and that was all she wrote!! And that dear friends, is how you do it!!!
16. I confess that I love the show "The Suite Life on Deck" on the Disney channel!! That's okay right?
17. Not a fan of teeth or feet!! Something about the double ee's! Not sure!
18. I long to feel accepted within my Christian friends! What? Am I like in 7th grade?
19. I love Christmas music!! I love it in December AND in July. Thank you Magic 96.5!
20. I know God put me with Brad, so that I could learn how to be more self-less!! He really, really is very self-less!!!
21. I tried to mess up God's plan for me and Brad. I think I broke up with him like a million times before we got married!! Luckily, God's in control and NOT Lori!! (Really don't deserve Brad!)
22. I loved that we were able to adopt!! I hope we can again, real soon!!
23. I love to hear Andrew talking in the morning when he first gets up! The sweetest sound I've ever heard!!
24. I've always had low self-esteem!! It drives me crazy, because I know how God views me! And my husband, seemingly, adores me! At our premarital counseling, he told me that he wishes I could see me, like he sees me! Love him!! Did I mention, how I DO NOT deserve him!!
25. I have lots of times that I gripe and moan, but ultimately, I love my life!! I am truly blessed!!!


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  1. I knew almost all of them, except about The Suite Life on Deck!! You're great and I love you.