Wednesday, December 9, 2009

These are a Few of my Favorite Things....

I absolutely love this time of year!! I love everything about it! Except maybe, how quick it comes and goes! But nonetheless, I love it!!! I love it for a lot of different reasons, so I thought I would list some of the reasons I love it so much!!! (Apparently, I'm a big fan of lists, as well!)
1). I love that Jesus was a baby. I love to think about how He cried at night, how He played with toys, how Mary must have felt when she needed to discipline Him! I love to think about whether or not He fussed when He was cutting teeth, did He drop His toys a thousand times just to see if His mom and dad would pick them up! I just LOVE to think about baby Jesus! A little baby but completely God all at the same time....AMAZING!!! Love it! I get teary-eyed just thinking about it!!!
2). Love Christmas music...both good and bad!!! Not sure if the Beach Boys and Aaron Neville really had any business making Christmas cd's, but I don't change the channel, I suffer through it, because why, I LOVE CHRISTMAS MUSIC!!!
3). Favorite Christmas TAPE of all time....Avon Classics for $.99....What can beat The Muppets singing the 12 Days of Christmas or Dolly Parton singing Winter Wonderland.....Seriously
4). My Granny's Christmas village...She used to put it on her mantle every year!! A few years ago she gave it to me, and now I get to set up the village!!! One of my all-time favorite things!!
5). One of my favorite memories....My brother Matt singing the War is Over song at the top of his lungs. We're told to make a joyful noise.....He definitely makes some noise!!! Priceless!!!
6). I love dreaming of a white Christmas...Now I have lived in Alabama my whole life, so the thought of this happening, well, is slim to none! But, a sister can dream, can't she?
7). I love that my parents NEVER told me about Santa!! A lot of people tell there children about Santa because they don't want to lie to them! Let me just say, I'm glad my parents kept it a secret!! I have wonderful memories and I don't think that I am screwed up because my parents allowed me to believe in Santa!!
8). Peggy Johnston singing "O Holy Night"....Enough said about that!!!
9). I love that Brad is a pretty fantastic External Illuminator!!! He works late into the evening hours to get it "just" right!! Should come see my house!!!
10). I love that Brad told Andrew that he needs to tell daddy if he sees mommy kissing Santa Claus :)!!!
11). I love that I am a mommy this Christmas...Thank you Father for this gift!!!
12). I love Christmas parades...Not real sure why, I just do!!
13). I love that Brad can't sleep the night before Christmas, just like a kid!! (Wait a minute, do I love it? He usually keeps me up!!)
14). Christmas vacation....And I'm serious, Clark!!
15). I love to look at Christmas lights....I get real disappointed if we drive into a neighborhood that I think will be a Christmas light jackpot, and not many people have decorated!! REAL disappointed!!!
16). I love that I have a pickle ornament on my tree! Why not have an ornament of your favorite food??
17). I love the IDEA of mistletoe!!
18). I love going to the Alabam theater at Christmastime!! The night Brad proposed to me , we went to the Alabama theater to see White Christmas! It has become a tradition with us!! Very sweet and romantic!! Love me some Brad Polk :)
19). I love wrapping presents!! Now, I don't wrap well at all...In fact, my 3 year old niece can probably wrap better than me, but I love to crank up the Christmas music and get to wrapping!!
20). I love the shoebox ministry.....Samaritan's purse does a great job at giving Christmas to children all around the world!!! I wish I had more money!!
21). I love that I laugh at jokes about the movie The Christmas Story and some times even quote the movie, but honestly, I don't think I have seen the movie the whole way through!! That's on my to-do list this year!!
22). I have gone to Christmas parties where we played Dirty Santa...SOOOOOO much fun!! Love it!!
23). I love that my niece is ten and she still believes in Santa!!! She's real sweet talking about it and I hope that the kids at school don't steal the innocence!!
24). I love that way Andrewlaughs when I say, "What does Santa say? Ho! Ho! HO!" Priceless
25). I love my mantel with our stockings on it!! One day, I hope that our whole mantel is covered with stockings...In fact, I hope by next Christmas, there will be at least one more stocking! (And not a dog's stocking!)

Love Christmas!!